Thursday, December 07, 2006

Impumelelo magazine's new look and feel

The 2005/2006 award winners are now showcased in Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust annual magazine, impumelelo, which sports a refreshed look. Fantastic photography, bright colours and a easy to read layout are stand out features of the new edition. The magazine not only highlights models of best practice but also publicises the work of public managers who are at the forefront of service delivery in South Africa.

"If there is inspiration to be gained from the awards, it is in how the projects allow people to prosper and flourish" - Rhoda Kadalie, Executive Director

The magazaine is sent to all South African government departments, Ministers, Director General, Mayors etc. Anyone can order a copy for a nominal fee of R20.00 (Rand) by emailing

Thanks to TIP publishing in Cape Town for your creativity and drive in helping to make impumelelo magazine an outstanding publication.

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